Welcome Creative Entrepreneurs!

I’m Cole, the lady behind SheMonster Media!

I created this business out of my love for helping people through creativity. This came about once I learned that although I love art, photography and writing, I’m most happy when I’m using my skills and passion to aid other entrepreneurs on their journey to success. Your work deserves to be seen, heard, read, worn – whatever your creativity produces, it needs to be released into the world! And I want to help you with that.

My mission is to help your business grow by collaborating with you on your blog, social media accounts and more. I have a diploma in journalism, working towards my BA in public relations and have years of experience working as a freelance writer and artist.

There are a number of ways I can help you:

  • To assist you with your business I’ll be sharing helpful and indepth blog posts every Monday.
  • I offer a free library of tools to my email subscribers.
  • There are helpful items for sale in my shop and more will be added over time.
  • I offer writing, social media and illustration services.

Feel free to reach out and ask me anything you like, and to learn more about my background and services…