13 Types of Blog Posts Every Blog Should Have

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Today I was thinking about the type of content I want to share on my two blogs, which are so different from each other. Fortunately, there are a ton of different types of blog posts you can, and should, have on your blog!

It doesn’t matter what your niche is, your topic, or your personal style, these types of blog posts will work for any blog.

13 Types of Blog Posts Every Blog Should Have

10 Types of Blog Posts Every Blog Should Have


If you’ve ever read any blog, or article online (even in print!), you’ve likely stumbled across a list or two 😉

These types of posts are probably one of the most popular kinds because they’re relatively easy to write, and even more important, they’re easy to read. That’s because lists help break down information into easily digestible nuggets of information, rather than having a ton of text to read through.

Example: 12 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get It Done

How To

One of the main things I use the internet for is to learn how to do something. It might be how to deep-fry tofu, or how to dye my hair, or even how to grow my Instagram account. The number of things you can learn on the internet are endless!

But as a blogger, it’s also a good idea to share your knowledge with your audience by writing your own how to posts. Try to think up a few things you excel at, and turn turn them into  how to posts!

Example: How to Clear the Clutter for a More Productive and Happy Life


Tutorials area a lot like a how to post, but even more detailed and in-depth.

While a how to post will give you the overall gist of how to get something done, a tutorial will take you through the steps.

This is really great for when you’re having trouble understanding something and need it explained further. It’s also a really great way to grow your blog! By sharing your own tutorials, you’re not only helping people with something, you’re also showing them you’re an expert.

Example: Step-By-Step Guide to Creating an Awesome Blog Post


Many bloggers include videos on their blog to diversify the way they share their content. While I don’t have much experience sharing videos myself, yet, it’s a great way to reach new people.

Videos also allow you to share content with people who prefer watching videos over reading text, which is why it’s good to offer more than one way to soak up your content.

Example: 5 Reasons Freelance Writers Should Avoid Content Mills and Bidding Sites

13 Types of Blog Posts Every Blog Should Have


The thing that makes blogging so special is that it allows you to really get the know person behind the content you enjoy. At least, that’s what has drawn me in.

In order to keep your readers coming back for more, it’s a good idea to let them get to know the real you, and what better way to do that than to share personal tidbits of information about yourself?

Diary style posts can come in many forms, from writing a personal essay to sharing your goals.

Example: My Depression Diagnosis: Five Years On


Roundup posts are used to share a list of links to either products, resources or even people that you admire.

What I love about roundup posts is that it allows you to really foster that online community, by promoting other people’s work and stepping out of the spotlight on your own blog. Of course, you can also do a roundup of your own content or products, too, which is also fine.

Either way, every blogger should consider creating roundup posts for their blog!

Example: 18 Blogs to Help You Succeed as a Work From Home Mom


People love checklists! Because checklists keep us organized and on track to meet our goals.

This could be a checklist for spring cleaning, or a checklist on promoting your blog. No matter what your niche is, you should be able to come up with a few different checklists to share on your blog.

Example: Free Blog Post Checklist


Reviews are great, because they help consumers make better choices when deciding on a purchase. I mean, isn’t that one of the reasons blogging exploded in the first place? Because we were so excited to have real, honest product reviews from people we could trust?

You can review absolutely anything from a book you finished reading, to a new shade of lipstick, or even an app you gave a go.

Example: Hippeas Are Basically Vegan Wotsits & They’re Great

13 Types of Blog Posts Every Blog Should Have


A couple of years ago I did an interview series on my personal blog, where I shared inspiring stories from some seriously awesome ladies! Well, those interviews were pretty popular, which was great! But even more awesome, was being able to connect and meet more people who I had shared interests with (blogging and entrepreneurship!). In fact, I’m still in touch with a lot of the ladies I interviewed.

That’s one of the reasons I love interviews on blogs, but also because I love learning about other people’s journeys. It could be their journey to veganism, or what it’s like being a plus size fashion blogger, or whatever.

Example: Finding Your Creative Vision & Sticking to it with Andrea Pippins

Guest Post

Opening up your blog to guest posts allows you to share different perspectives and opinions with your audience. It also allows you to take a break now and then!

The great thing about offering guest post submissions, too, is that while you get free content to share on your blog, you’re also promoting a fellow creative! It’s a win-win, and that’s why so many people seek guest post opportunities.

Example: Millennials, This is Why You Need To Start Freelancing In College

Opinion Piece

Opinions – we all them! And we all love voicing them! Which makes sharing your opinions on your blog so great! Blogging has given us a voice! So we can share how we feel about important issues, from politics to health, fashion and more.

There’s a lot of awful things happening in the world right now, which is the perfect opportunity to write an opinion piece. Just open up any newspaper and you’ll be bombarded with inspiration!

Example: What the Hell Do We Do Now?

Photo Diary

I love photo-based blog posts! Because sometimes photos do speak louder than words! So instead of writing a lengthy post about something, show people with a series of photos.

Photo diary posts are great for sharing a recent vacation, a house tour or even a new outfit.

Example: The Week in Pictures

Case Studies

Finally, one more terrific type of blog post you should create is a case study. Particularly if you offer some kind of service or product. This allows you to show people that it works, rather than just telling them.

Example: Student Success Story: Michelle Wells

Ready to get blogging?

I hope these types of blog posts inspired you and helped you come with some new ideas! Because I know how difficult it can be to constantly come up with new content on a regular basis.

Until next time!

Happy blogging!

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