30 Blog Post Ideas For September

30 Blog Post Ideas For September

September is a busy month for a lot of people.

Parents are now sending their kids off to school, having to remember to pack lunches, help with homework, and stay on top of the millions of school activities that take place. I know, because I’m living it right now.

College and university students are also back in school, juggling part-time jobs and class assignments, attending lectures and studying in their spare time. I also know this, because I’m in uni.

But even if you’re not a parent or a student, autumn always seems to bring with it a ton of new things. For many of us, fall often feels like New Years. I don’t know why, but it has this atmosphere of “new beginnings” that flow into our brains whenever the leaves begin to fall.

All of this can make it difficult to find the time for blogging! And especially, coming up with ideas for blog posts.

Which is why I’m going to share with you another month of blog post ideas.

30 Blog Post Ideas For September

  1. Recap your summer, whether it was personal fun stuff, your business growth or creative projects (and add links to relevant summer posts about that stuff!)
  2. Create a healthy morning routine and share your progress.
  3. Write out a list of your back-to-school must haves.
  4. Share your favourite things about autumn.
  5. Create an autumn to-do list of all your favourite fall activities.
  6. Go apple picking and write about your experience.
  7. Curate a list of the best fall accessories like boots, jackets and purses.
  8. September 6 is Fight Procrastination Day, so share your best tips!
  9. September 21 is World Gratitude Day, so share at least 10 things you’re grateful for. Even better, make it into a vlog!
  10. Review your resolutions from New Year’s and write about your progress.
  11. Make your favourite comfort food and share the recipe.
  12. Attend an event and write about it.
  13. Share a post about what you’re currently watching, reading, eating, etc.
  14. Write about your fall skincare routine.
  15. Give your readers a very laid-back, conversational update on your life.
  16. Challenge yourself to achieve a specific goal before the end of the year.
  17. Write a review on a new movie that’s just come out.
  18. Share an opinion piece on a world event.
  19. List 10 things your readers may not know about you.
  20. Curate a list of your favourite fall treats.
  21. Give your best advice on how to have a successful school year.
  22. Spruce up your home in fall decor and share a house tour, or even just one room.
  23. An autumn playlist.
  24. Curate a list of the best fall movies.
  25. Share your favourite fall scents and how to incorporate them into your day (mine are pumpkin, cinnamon and vanilla).
  26. Create a fall makeup look and share it.
  27. Write about upcoming fall TV series releases and why you’re so excited (ex. Stranger Things coming out next month!)
  28. Share different ways to wear a scarf.
  29. Curate a list of your favourite books of all time.
  30. Create a fall craft and share it, like a leaf collage, a wreath or even candle holders.

I hope you found some inspiration from this list for your blog! Let me know if you plan to use any of them, because I’d love to check it out once it’s posted!

What are some fall blog post ideas you’ve come up with?

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