31 Blog Post Ideas For October

31 Blog Post Ideas for October

I can’t lie (and I wouldn’t want to) – October is my favourite month!

October is the best month ever! I love the cool, crisp air on nature walks; going apple picking and to the pumpkin patch; indulging on candy and baked goodies; binge watching horror movies and all of my favourite TV shows!

October is also commonly known as Blogtober in the blogging community, a month when bloggers choose to blog every day for the month.

If you’re having trouble of coming up with enough blog post ideas for October, here’s a list just for you!

31 Blog Post Ideas For October

  1. List your favourite things about autumn.
  2. Share a pumpkin flavoured recipe.
  3. Go to the pumpkin patch and share your adventure.
  4. Write a list of your favourite horror movies.
  5. Create a fun autumn outfit.
  6. Do a fun Halloween makeup tutorial.
  7. Carve pumpkins and take pictures!
  8. Share a tutorial of your house all decked out in creepy decor.
  9. Round up a list of your favourite fall boots.
  10. Create a creepy Halloween inspired playlist.
  11. Share a list of your favourite autumn TV shows that come out in fall (I’m totally thinking about American Horror Story, The Walking Dead and Stranger Things!).
  12. Share a fun fall craft tutorial, maybe something that involves fallen leaves.
  13. Write a review for your favourite scary movie.
  14. Share your Halloween costume!
  15. Or, create a roundup of the best Halloween costumes for this year.
  16. Write a scary story.
  17. Canadian Thanksgiving is in October – write a gratitude list!
  18. Share a timeline of all the costumes you’ve worn over the years.
  19. Roundup some of your favourite spooky items from around the web.
  20. Go on an autumn scavenger hunt on a nearby trail and take lots of pictures.
  21. Tips for making the most of Halloween.
  22. Share a list of your biggest fears (mine include aliens, spiders and people).
  23. Make a casserole and share the recipe. Autumn = comfort food.
  24. What was your favourite Halloween treats as a kid?!
  25. Take an online class and share your thoughts.
  26. 2017 is almost over, share an update on your goals and expectations for the rest of the year.
  27. List your favourite rainy day activities.
  28. Gather a roundup of quotes to inspire your readers.
  29. Ask a question in a Facebook group, and roundup the answers as a blog post.
  30. Share a giveaway!
  31. Go on a ghost walk in your area and share it with your readers.

I hope this list at least gives you some ideas on what to write about for October! Enjoy!

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