Month 2 Blog and Business Update and Lessons Learned


Month 2 Blog and Business Update and Lessons Learned


I’m now entering my third month of SheMonster Media since launching on June 1!

It’s been a crazy, hectic ride balancing two blogs and growing my freelance writing and virtual assistant business. It really has!

At times, I wonder if it was insane of me to try to do two blogs, while growing a business and working 30 hours a week. But if you wait for the “perfect” time you’ll never get around to it! It’s best to just get started.

The first month was all about getting SheMonster Media off the ground. The second month was more about finding balance between everything. So, before I hope into what this upcoming month’s goals are, let’s take a look at what happened over the month of July.

Be warned, this post is about to get real.

Social Media

Month 2 Blog and Business Update and Lessons Learned

First of all, this blog’s main goal is to accompany my business, SheMonster Media. It’s also meant to build and foster a community of creative entrepreneurs! Social media plays a huge role in that.


I decided to separate my personal Pinterest that accompies my lifestyle blog from my business and create it’s own Pinterest account. At times I feel like it would be easier to focus on one, but I like having it strictly professional.

In the first month I gained 12 followers! I’m not at 18, which isn’t really much of anything. I did not do the things I needed to do in order to see any growth.

These are the things I had hoped to do but didn’t get around to:

  • I signed up for Boardbooster and Tailwind, two Pinterest scheduling tools I have yet to really take advantage of, but Iā€™m looking forward to learning more about both.
  • I will be adding my Pinterest profile to more Facebook group threads and applying for more group boards.
  • Finally, I will also be trying various Pinterest-worthy photos for my blog posts.

And so, this goal will carry through into August.

While I would like to have a huge success story to share, this clearly isn’t, and that’s okay. I want to keep my business as transparent as possible, and sometimes that means sharing the reality of not getting things done.

The same thing happened with my other social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter. Hoping for better news to share next month!


Month 2 Blog and Business Update and Lessons Learned

I more than doubled my page views in July. That’s still not a lot considering, but it’s a good start!

In June I only blogged once a week, but decided to blog twice a week in July, which is why I think my page views increased, even the slightest bit.

Again, my plans to grow my blog fell through this month, and I’ll explain why further down. But basically, I was hoping to do more guest posts, be more active on social media, and complete an ecourse specifically for growing your blog’s traffic. None of which actually happened!


Month 2 Blog and Business Update and Lessons Learned

So, now the reason I had trouble working on my goals this month. I’m going to get real with you all. Like, really real.

Like a lot of people in the world, I struggle with mental health issues. Anxiety and depression to be exact. I was diagnosed when I was 16, although I suspect it was going on a lot longer than that.

This last month was particularly difficult, as I ran out of my medication and had trouble renewing it. I had to go an entire month without the medication that helps me live my day-to-day life. Everything was a struggle. Getting out of bed was a struggle. Getting dressed rarely happened. I would pull myself up to work, and when I was done the bare minimum of what I had to do, I would go lay down.

A couple weeks ago I finally got my prescription renewed, and after a few days began to feel normal again. I’m just now catching up on a lot of things.

This is a difficult thing for me to share. There’s always the worry that people won’t understand, or won’t want to work with me, if they know. But it needs to be talked about, and if someone has a problem with it I probably shouldn’t work with them anyway, to be honest.

On the plus side! I did gain some new business in July. I have a new client, who is absolutely lovely!

On top of that, I am part of an exciting beta project right now that should help me grow my business even more.

So stay tuned! Because I’m feeling good and ready to rock!

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