Step-By-Step Guide to Creating an Awesome Blog Post

Chances are you probably already know how to write if you either have a blog, or are thinking about starting one. And one of the fun things about writing a blog post is that it can be pretty informal. Even still, not all blogs are great. Some aren’t even good. But if you want to create an awesome blog post here is a simple step-by-step guide to help you.

Step 1: Come up with a topic for your blog post.

Okay, there really is no point in even writing a blog post unless you have a topic in mind. The topic can be anything from what you wore that day, your favourite recipe, or a guide on how to create an awesome blog post (baha!).

Basically you should have an idea of what it is you want to write about, rather than a post where you just ramble on! Ideally, your blog post topic should be well thought out before you even begin writing it.

Here are a few things you should ask yourself when creating an awesome blog post:

  • How does this blog post help my audience?
  • Does it offer useful and valuable information?
  • Does it attract my target audience?
  • How does this blog post help me stand out as an authority in my niche?
  • Does it accurately fit inside my chosen blog niche or is it way off?
  • Is this topic something that needs to be shared on my blog or expanded on?
  • Can I easily place this blog post in my already chosen categories?

Or, if you can’t think of any really great ideas for your next blog post here are a few recommendations:

  • Read other blogs in your niche.
  • Check your comments to get an idea of what people want to know more about.
  • Check Google analytics for popular topics in your niche.
  • Read books and magazines that relate to your blog.
  • Keep a notebook on hand for writing down ideas right away, or jot it down in your phone’s notepad.
  • Keep a spreadsheet to keep track of blog post ideas.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Awesome Blog Post

Step 2: Research the heck out of that topic for your blog post.

Thinking up a topic for your blog post might have been the easy part (or the hardest), but once you’ve got an idea for an awesome post it’s time to do some research!

I like to save any helpful links whenever I research for a blog post I’m writing. These links can be shared in the post to further help your audience, or they can also be scheduled to be shared on social media! But mostly it’s to keep everything easily accessible so you’re not left scrambling and thinking to yourself, “what website was it that shared that awesome tip?!”

By the time you’re ready to write you should have a really good understanding of the information you want to share with your audience.

Step 3: Craft a catchy title for your blog post.

Some people prefer to title their blog post after they’ve written it, while others do it before. It’s really up to you. I personally do it before, but often tweak it after. But no matter when you decide to write out the title, it should be carefully crafted so that it’s catchy and SEO friendly.

Certain blog titles do a lot better than others. If you want your blog posts to rank high on search engines and whatnot, you need to spend time making your blog post title awesome!

For starters, these types of titles do really well:

For more ideas on catchy blog post titles that work, check out this infographic on Hubspot.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Awesome Blog Post

Step 4: Write a killer introduction for your blog post.

Remember writing essays and reports in school? Ugh, the worst. But they did teach me a lot about the importance of a great introduction!

Your blog post introduction should clearly state what the blog post is going to about. It should be clear and concise. and it should entice the reader to want to keep reading!

When you start writing out your killer blog post introduction remember that this is your best chance to really hook your reader in now that they’ve clicked on your blog post (probably because your blog post title was stellar!). Share enough information that they will know what to expect further into the post without giving up all the good stuff. Your introduction doesn’t have to be long, either; a couple sentences might be all you need.

Step 5: Share a ton of useful information (in a logical order) in the body of your blog post.

This part is the main part of your blog post. This is where you get to share all of that knowledge and helpful information your reader has been looking for!

Whether you planned on sharing a little or a lot, a well organized blog post will keep your audience reading. For some people it helps to write out the main points first in a blog post outline, and then turn those into headings. In fact, these seven steps were actually planned out that way. Think about it like those essay outlines teachers would hand out where you list the introduction, three main points and a conclusion. Except you aren’t limited to three points; you can have as many as you want but 3-5 is a good amount to aim for.

While headings and subheadings are a fantastic way to organize the body of your blog post, you can also keep all of your information organized through numbered lists, bullet points, or even have text broken up by adding related photos.

A few other tips for writing the body include:

  • Add links wherever you can to past posts.
  • Make sure your post is SEO friendly but using a phrase throughout. There are amazing plugins that helps with this. I personally use the Yoast SEO plugin!
  • Include photos, screenshots or quotes to better describe the information.

Step 6: Create a beautiful conclusion that sums up your blog post.

Finally, to wrap it all up in a neatly organized and useful blog post, you write the conclusion.

Your conclusion should summarize the information from the body of your blog post, but what I like about writing the conclusion is having the opportunity to:

  1. Thank my reader.
  2. Offer them something more (like a freebie, an action step, or a link to a useful product – AKA a call-to-action).
  3. Ask my readers questions to get the conversation going in the comment section.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Awesome Blog Post

Step 7: Edit your blog post, and then edit it again.

I was so guilty of not editing my blog posts when I first started blogging. I hated it! But when you make enough silly typos, or worse, share the wrong link, you learn to appreciate this much needed step when writing an awesome blog post.

To take it one step further, have a friend look over your work before you hit publish.

Free Blog Post Idea Worksheets


And that, my friends, is a step-by-step guide to crafting an awesome blog post! Remember to think of a great topic, craft an excellent title, write a killer introduction, followed by an informative body, and end it neatly with a well thought out conclusion before editing it.

So tell me guys, did this post help you in any way? Or is there a valuable step that I missed?


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